About us

Makkon Association is a community that works for the community. We are an open group, bringing together creativity and knowledge. Our official point of interest is Japanese pop-culture, such as anime, manga, and the like. But Makkon welcomes all sorts, with a common wish to meet. There is no age limit, but those under 15 years of age are required to get their parent’s approval.

There are some very talented individuals within Makkon. Together, we are discovering new things and sharing knowledge, talents, and the applicable usage of those. We help one another to find our place in society. But we all strive to meet new people, experience new adventures, and connect with our peers.

Makkon Association is connected through social media. We get together for movie nights, board games and for a group picnic once per year. Every member of the association can organize a small event for fun.

We do not force communication. Our association welcomes even those who have problems with social anxiety, and only wish to sit in the corner reading a good book or playing with your phone. We all need time to adjust, and you can join in the conversation anytime you wish so.

Therefore, if you do not wish ill, but want to find some friends to learn from, Makkon Association is for you.

How to join

Makkon Association is officially meeting once per year on a picnic, where we vote in new members of the committee. Membership is paid at the event, where you also receive the bonuses for your donation. Before payment you have to fill in your data, so we can put you down as our members. Every year you also get an invitation to a picnic or some other activities that might be happening.


The organization team is always informed about new activities, conventions, or other interesting meetings in Slovenia. If you wish more information about the happenings, you only have to ask. At the event itself, the members have the following bonuses:

  • Discount on any articles the organization team might be selling (pointed out at the event).
  • The membership tag that gives you recognition at the event.
  • The first two lines in the hall during cosplay competition are reserved for the members of Makkon.

Rules of Makkon Association

  • We at Makkon Association protect the image of the said association and are respectful to the other members of the group.
  • We at Makkon Association do not discriminate. Even if we have different interests, we are respectful of each other.
  • We at Makkon Association respect the law and don't do anything illegal.
  • We at Makkon Association do not tolerate fighting, harassment or similar towards any members or nonmembers of the group. We respect personal space.
  • We at Makkon Association protect the youth. Therefore we do not allow the offering of any inebriating substances to anyone below 18 years of age.
  • We at Makkon Association are friendly and offer help to those that need it.
  • We at Makkon Association cooperate with other groups. Therefore we also help with other events that are not the product of our association but are of similar thematic.
  • We at Makkon Association respect the environment, therefore we always clean after ourselves.
  • We at Makkon Association are trying to update our manga library.
  • We at Makkon Association are extremely respectful to cosplayers and their props. We do not touch or take pictures of it without the creator's consent.
  • All the questions about Makkon Association can be addressed to our Facebook page or to mail: makkon.festival@gmail.com


The start of Makkon has definitely been interesting and exciting. The first Makkon event (2012) had the unfortunate luck to lose the location a month before the said event taking place. The school that should be hosting it canceled the deal. But one of our dear fans offered us rooms at School center Ljubljana, at Aškarčeva 1. More people showed up that helped with the sound system, tables, carpets, and other elements that made the event truly something new. They donated their time to bake some delicious sweets for Slovenia's first Maid Caffee. The Animov group offered their own help, and we got lecturers and talented people for the workshops. Two of the artists, Valentina Remenar and Ana Ambrož, made sure we had the posters and icon of our mascot, Maki, ready. Here we could see we were creating the event for some truly amazing people. This was also observed by our Maribor associate that later decided to make a smaller event, called Chibi Makkon, in Maribor.

The second and third Makkon (2013 and 2014) events were performed in Kino Šiška. The location was truly superb as you could feel the city center and the better connectivity with public transport. Kino Šiška also provided marketing options. All of this brought more visitors to the event. For the first time, we had our own stage and professional equipment. The event truly gained a new life. We had a digital art presentation, a fair, language workshops thanks to Genki Center and a lot of cosplayers. In 2014 we were hosting international dancer group called MIST and a winning Italian cosplayer Creeper from the Minecraft game.

Because of the high number of people attending, we were quickly running out of space. In 2015 we were forced to move to the new Faculty of Computer and Information Science that had more room but was, unfortunately, a bit less accessible by public transport. We built our own stage at the best of our abilities. We connected with the new Maribor association, called Animoku, and offered people new workshops with Papercraft, LARP, 3D printing, and Kamishibai. People also loved a new rhythmic game called Osu. Without any announcement, we were visited by a k-pop group called SAGA that had a concert on the same day in Ljubljana.

The fifth anniversary of Makkon (2016) presented the opportunity to focus on perfecting what we had. We had the honor of hosting the grand final of Weiss Schwarz game. We opened our own Artist Alley. The crowd got the opportunity to try their singing at karaoke. And the winners of competitions got their own first-ever Makkon medals.


Animov - [Društvo ljubiteljev Animiranih filmov, Stripov in družabnih iger Animov. Cankarjev drevored 50, 6310 Izola - Isola.] Organises the annual event Anime in Isola, for which they're always looking for volunteers. More on: https://animov.si/

Animoku - [KUD ZLATI GOBLIN - Oddelek za azijske kulture, animeje in mange Animoku HQ Sokolska ulica 108, 2000 Maribor.] Animoku organises the event called MokuMatsuri in Maribor that holds a different thematic each year. More on: https://animoku-hq.blogspot.com/p/o-nas.html

Tama - Tama's annual event is called TamaGo in Postojna.

Na Meji Nevidnega - Na Meji Nevidnega holds its own team that yearly organizes the event called Na Meji Nevidnega, which is a celebration of a fantasy genre. More about them on: https://nmn.si/

Genki Center - [Japanese educational and Cultural Centre. Brilejeva ulica 13, 1000 Ljubljana.] Genki organizes superb Japanese courses. You can learn the language, kanji writing, and about their culture. The courses are adaptable by the knowledge you already have, even if you are a complete beginner or a veteran of Japan. Every year Genki works with Japanese embassy to create the event called Japan Day. More about Genki on: http://www.genki-center.com/


President of the association: Andraž Žagar
Location of the association: Toplarniška ulica 7, 1000 Ljubljana
Contact email: makkon.festival@gmail.com